Easily Manage Schedule

We offer a robust set of scheduling options suitable for all of your gym class needs!

Track Progress

Easily track workout progress against yourself and others!

Membership Management

BoxScore's billing platform supports highly customizable membership plans!


Affiliate based fitness is not just something we offer, it is what we do! Our goal is to be your one stop shop for managing your affiliate, your athletes, and your billing needs!


Our fully integrated solution offers a best in class experience for owners, athletes, and coaches. Boxscore ties together every aspect of an athletes fitness journey into one cohesive experience. The attendance tracking, workout tracking, billing system, and notification system are all synchronized to give you a complete view into your athletes' progress, purchase trends, and attendance. From there, you can use our engage product to set up automatic alerts and engagmenets to maximize engagement and retention!

Maximize Revenue

Never miss a payment again! With our billing software you can be sure that you will be paid easily and most importantly on time. Whether you have a complicated billing structure or a straight forward one, we have you covered. We support everything from punch cards, to memberships, to premium class types and everything in between. Working in combination with our workout tracking software, you will also have the opportunity to upsell new memberships to members whom are overstepping their membership terms.


Analytics, when applied properly can give businesses the key to success. Because of this, we have built Boxscore with data and analytics on the forefront of everything we do. The concept is simple, better analytics means better understanding of your customers. This leads to increased customer value, better customer loyalty and engagement. All of this comes together to maximize revenue. Whether it is analyzing past revenue, future revenue, class time popularity, or which class types are bringing in the most members, we track it and report on it. As an owner, this gives you the power to focus your business on the elements that are making it successful and leave behind the rest!

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