Zapier - Integrating with your mail server

Initial Setup - Only required for first zap

From the side menu, navigate to Management -> Gym Preferences.


Click the “Generate” button. Copy the key. You will need it later on to authenticate.


Setting up the Zap

Go to Zapier

In the search bar, type “boxscore” and select the most recent version

If you have not authenticated before, you will see a screen like this. Use the token from the “Initial Setup” section and click “Yes, Continue”


Set up your trigger like this:


Click “Continue”

Select the app to integrate with. In this example I use Gmail: zapier_gmail

Click “Continue”

Match all the fields from Boxscore to your mail server. You most likely will be interested in the following: toEmailAddresses ccEmailAddresses bccEmailAddresses emailContent text/plain or text/html (this tells the email client whether your emails are plain text or html emails) subject

Click “Finish”

Written on November 24, 2019