BoxScore Features

BoxScore's mission is two-fold. First, take the complexities of running a gym off your hands and build them into the fabric of what we do. Second, with a clean and intuitive UI, we provide a best in class experience for your athletes!


Supports for "Hero", "Girl", and "Custom" benchmark workouts!


Every gym has unique needs. We let you customize your experience based on your specific situation.

Mobile Friendly

The world is going mobile. You should have a product that expects and embraces that!


Payments don't have to be complicated. We make them simple!

Additional Features

We offer a variety of features that make your gym management process intuitive and straight forward

Athlete App

We offer an app that allows athletes to sign up for class, view other members, log scores, and much more!


As a gym owner or manager, create a class schedule with a variety of configurations, flexible enough for your needs.


Whether it is a point of sale solution or membership management, we have a billing solution that has you covered!

Score History

For both athletes and coaches, monitor your progress to see how your have improved on your benchmark workouts!

Custom score types

Whether you are using a classic scoring system like Rx and scaled, or have a custom need, we have you covered!

Coaches Portal

As a coach, you have the ability to manage and interact with athletes from the palm of your hand!

Workout Tagging

As a coach, you have the ability to apply custom tags to workouts. This allows you to group performances by distinct and unique criteria!

Push Notifications

Notify your athletes when new workouts are created to increase class signups and engagement!

Likes and Comments

Athletes and coaches can chat, like, and comment on workouts and scores. Watch your community grow!

Multi-Location Support

We support gyms of all sizes. Share programming between locations or keep each location. It is entirely up to you!


Using analytics, find out what is working and what is not. Improve customer experience and thrive!

Bulk Purchase

Using invoices, we are able to perform bulk purchases. This means cheaper credit card fees and puts money back in your wallet!

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